Services Offered

Personnel Assessment and Selection

AssessmentAndSelSERVICESOFFEREDThrough the use of psychologist testing, scenario design, field observation, and organizational embedding. We custom tailor each selection program based on the specified needs and established guidelines defined by each customer’s organization.

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

LeadershipDevSERVICESOFFEREDWe can use either our own 360° Leader Development Instrument or we can design a leadership development instrument based on your organizations unique culture. We conduct on-site or off-site, one-on-one coaching of organizational leadership I a manner best suited to each customer ’s needs.

General Clinical and Neuropsychology Consultation

General Clinical and Neuropsychology ConsultationAt our foundation we are licensed mental health professionals with experience in managing Traumatic Brain Injuries, PTSD, re- adjustment from deployment activities back to home front work and family issues and a broad spectrum of marriage and family, alcohol and substance abuse treatment, management of general mental health issues and liaison with other healthcare resources.

Operational Planning and Support

Operational Planning and SupportIn those organizations conducting national security, overseas operations, cyber-security, and other activities requiring management insight relative to the atmospherics of organizational activity, we can provide assistance in preliminary and on-going operational planning. Many of our staff have conducted operational psychology operations in sensitive areas and have the insights necessary to help overcome functional obstacles that otherwise might impede organizational effectiveness in these unique environments.

Organizational Management Consulting

Organizational Management ConsultingWe utilize cutting edge instrumentation used by elite athletic, executive, and special missions teams in learning how choose work group members and to bring out the best in every member of that team based on personality, social, and functional attributes.

Law Enforcement Psychology

Law Enforcement PsychologyWe have significant and unique experience in working with the LE community. Our staff has worked with the FBI HRT, State Law Enforcement Special Response Teams, SWAT Operations, Metropolitan Police forces, Suburban LE departments, and other specialized law enforcement units. We conduct initial screening for new hires, promotion assessments, external EAP work, forensic support, peer-counseling training, and other psychological support services as required. Our consultants can work with your department’s selection committees to develop customized personnel assessment programs based on the requirements of your assigned missions, critical task lists, and demands of the populations you serve.

Critical Incident Response Consulting

Critical Incident Response Consulting
In the event of a significant event that serves to adversely impact personnel in your organization we offer immediate response in providing psychological and behavioral health support services to individuals impacted by the event, their families and organizational leadership we link with follow on EAP and other health care professionals for effective and congruent healthcare services to ensure that the long term impact of events is lessened for your team.